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Visas for Victims of Domestic Abuse in Los Angeles

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Attorney

Many immigrants come to the U.S. through sponsorship from a spouse who is already a citizen. Ideally, this set up allows families to stay together during the lengthy immigration process. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of this situation. There have been cases where a sponsoring spouse has used their citizenship status to take advantage of their spouse, threatening to drop their sponsorship if their partner does not do as their told. There have even been cases where these sponsors physically abuse their spouses, believing their partner will not be able to go to the police because they will be deported.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was created to give victims of domestic abuse the power and safety to report these crimes without jeopardizing their immigration status. By filing for a VAWA visa, an immigrant can file charges against an abuser and apply for a green card without their sponsorship.

If you or someone your family is being physically or emotionally abused by a spouse sponsoring your immigration, contact our VAWA visa lawyers in Los Angeles and the Bay Area today for a free consultation. You can easily schedule a free phone consulation by clicking here.

How to Apply for a VAWA Visa

Spouses, parents, and children who are suffering abuse for a sponsoring family member are eligible for VAWA visas and eventual green card applications. Though the law specifically calls out women, men can apply for this visa as well.

You must meet the following criteria to apply for a VAWA Visa

  • The perpetrator of the abuse is a legal permanent U.S. citizen and is sponsoring your immigration.
  • The sponsor is physically or emotionally abusive to their spouse, children, or parents
  • If you are a spouse, you must have entered the marriage in good faith
  • If you are divorced, you must show that abuse played a role in the separation
  • You must be willing to work with law enforcement in their case against the abuser (some exceptions apply)
  • You must be a person of “good moral character”

You Do Not Have to Go Through This Alone

Trying to fully explain your situation and learn the complex laws surrounding immigration can be difficult. Our lawyers can guide you through the process and help you demonstrate your need for a VAWA visa to the courts. Our firm’s sole function is to assist immigrants. We know what a difficult situation this is and will go above and beyond to help victims of abuse find the safety and protection they need.

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